Miles Cook
November 1, 2003
Contributers: Andy Carrano Photos By: Bill Erdman

If you love vintage Mustangs-'69-'70s especially-that are as original as possible, we've got a real treat for you. Of course, by now you know Mustang Monthly is the only magazine that specializes in these gems, so you won't find one like this featured anywhere else. And, you won't likely find a story like Diane Carrano and her '70 Mach 1 around every street corner, either. Diane's husband, Andy, gave us the scoop on the 47,000-mile car and her ownership in his own words:"Diane purchased this car new. It was built in Ford's Metuchen, New Jersey, plant on November 19, 1969, and has a December date painted in red on the driver-side shock tower-possibly a scheduled ship date. It was delivered to Mahwah Ford in Mahwah, New Jersey, and Diane drove it home for the first time just before Christmas of 1969.

"This is an all-original car and has not been painted or restored. All of the interior and exterior of the car-including sheetmetal, chrome, Champagne Gold metallic paint, Comfortweave black upholstery, and carpet-are as installed or applied by Ford at the factory. The original yellow paint stamps are still visible on the left and right fender aprons under the hood as well as on the underside of the trunk lid. All decals are original. Even after more than 30 years, some factory chalk marks are still visible on the radiator support.

"The two-barrel 351 Windsor and FMX automatic transmission have never been rebuilt and still operate as new. Under the hood, the alternator and distributor are original, as they came from the factory. The water pump and starter have been rebuilt but are also original. The radiator is original even though it has been re-cored.

"The plug wires and distributor cap have been replaced with reproductions. However, the car's original plug wires, battery cables, and distributor cap have been safely stored away. The tires on the car are Firestone Wide Oval reproductions; the original E70-14 whitewall tires are in storage, as well.

"The trunk area is also untouched from the factory. The jacking instructions, trunk mat, and spare tire are from the factory. The spare still has the original 'paint dots' on the inside of the rim.

"Since the Mach 1 was bought new as a daily driver by Diane, it was completely undercoated to protect it from the Northeast winters. The undercoating is still in place and has done its job, as the car is totally rust free.

"Of course, the Mach 1 is a keeper. Even after 33 years, Diane and I still enjoy driving and showing her preserved piece of Mustang history."

Amen to that.