Jim Smart
February 1, 2003

Likely one of the most recognized entities in the world besides the Coca-Cola logo is the Playboy bunny. Unless you were born on Mars, you understand what Playboy is all about. It's certainly about striking women, both draped and undraped, but it is more. It's also about a world that caters to men exclusively and apologizes to no one for that. It doesn't have to.

Playboy was launched in the early '50s for, well, playboys and just plain, old-fashioned men who wanted to be entertained and informed. Since that time, the editorial mission of the magazine hasn't changed much: It's mostly about beautiful women. It is also about good, informative reading, despite the ridicule surrounding this claim. Call it entertainment.

Michael and Gloria Bazan look on this '66 Mustang convertible as entertainment. Clad in Playboy Pink, a special-order color, it is among the most entertaining Mustang convertibles we've seen. Because Mustang Monthly is a family magazine that impressionable minds closely observe, we photographed this dazzling pink ride with the top up. Seems appropriate, don't you think?

Michael and Gloria call the commonwealth of Kentucky home. Ever committed to excellence in the hobby that entertains us all, they are one voice on the Mustang Club of America Board of Directors. One voice. One Mustang. This Mustang's mission statement is simple: concours-restored, show only, designed to turn heads anywhere it goes. Sounds like the magazine and empire its color was named for. Simply striking, tasteful, elegant.

Underhood is the basic Mustang staple-a 200-horse 289-2V V-8 splined to a C4 Cruise-O-Matic and 2.80:1 gears. Great for cruising and terrific for showing-the way the Bazans like it. Inside, as you might expect, is the Interior Dcor Group in black vinyl. Those rich, molded door panels complement the running horses across the seatbacks. Five-dial instrumentation, steering wheel, and glovebox door in elegant woodgrain make the ride.

The Bazan's glistening pink ride fits right in with the beautiful topography of their native Kentucky home. Lay this color over the Kentucky bluegrass on a mild spring day, and life doesn't get much sweeter. Call it Playmate Perfect.