Shelby Cox
October 1, 2002
Contributers: Shelby Cox

There are different categories of people who drive Mustangs: restoration junkie, Mustang collector, sentimental driver, speed freak, and the new person. Everyone you meet at a car show or in your club fits into one or more of these categories.

The restoration junkies love to have their hands in some project car all the time. Once one car is fixed, they move on to another, then another, and usually are willing to help with yours. The Mustang collectors can't stop buying Mustangs, so their garages look more like museums. The sentimental drivers usually stick to one specific car that made a special impact on their lives. The speed freaks are those die-hard race people who can't get enough power into the car; they must have a 10-second (or better) ride. Last, but definitely not least, are the new people who keep our hobby growing by leaps and bounds every year. Usually, these people move into another category quickly.

Normally when we find a car suitable for the magazine, the car stays with the owner that we meet. This time was different. Ronald Watson (better known as Doc) of Las Vegas, Nevada, is the former owner of this cool looking '68 Gulfstream Aqua drop-top. Why former? Listen up.

Ronald rescued the convertible from a Mustang collector in Maryville, Missouri, about 14 years ago. He proceeded to restore the car over 211/42 years by himself mostly in his garage. After we saw the car, it was sent to Mike at Classic and Collectible Cars of Las Vegas.

Meanwhile, Bill Taranto of Newtown, Pennsylvania, was searching for a '68 convertible, just like his father had bought when he was little. A few clicks of his mouse and a couple phone calls later, the car was his.

"My father originally owned a '68 convertible when we lived in Hawaii," he said. "He gave it to me when I turned 16; I have a lot of memories with him and that car." Bill purchased the pony in April of this year, for use as a show car and a sunny-day driver.

No matter how you look at it, Bill bought the Mustang of anyone's dreams. The '68 has been restored to its original glory, sporting the standard black interior with an AM-FM stock radio. Just in case time escapes him while driving, the convertible came stock with an electric clock and factory air conditioning for those too-hot-to-leave-the-white-convertible-top-down days. The Gulfstream Aqua Mustang can still keep up with the crowd with a newly rebuilt 289 V-8 2v, with a C4 transmission sending power to a thrifty 2.79 rear axle. Styled steel wheels with 195/75 R14 tires put the finishing touch on this beautiful Pony.

So rest well, Doc, knowing your '68 convertible is with someone who loves it. We know Bill with cherish this car for a long time to come. On to the next story. Hey, Doc, how is that Meadowlark Yellow '68 fastback coming along?