Rob Reaser
September 1, 2002

A similar problem was encountered with the interior trim. Lacking correct replacements, a paint supply house mixed new interior paint and dye using the new upholstery as a guide, and a local bodyshop took it from there.

And yet another problem surfaced when the time came to give the shell its new topcoat. Dave Fenzel was experienced in using PPG's basecoat/clearcoat products, but the correct Medium Blue Metallic was not to be found in the PPG line. Next to their workplace, Judy and Steve saw a '95 Mustang with a Medium Blue Metallic that, although darker than the '70 version, looked smashing. The couple settled on the late-model hue for their Mach 1.

When all was said and done, and the Mach 1 rolled onto the street in 1998, Judy and Steve were justifiably pleased with their restoration results. Now the only "whoa!" they hear comes from admiring passersby.