Jerry Heasley
July 1, 2002

His dad became interested in the project after a year and a half. His mother saw how responsible it made Jeff, unlike his father's experience of being handed a new Mustang to drive off to college. The college senior completed the restoration two weeks before graduation. Two weeks after college, Jeff got married and his wife was happy to ride in the car on their honeymoon.

Although it is a basic hardtop, it does have some special features, such as the deluxe wire wheel covers, Exterior Dcor Group (including pop-open gas cap), center-mounted console, and a roof console.

At first, Jeff went back stock. After seeing a Falcon with a two-tone red and white interior, he decided to accent his all-red interior with white painted surfaces. The metal parts of the insides of the doors, both consoles, and the dash are now white. This color change, though a little off from stock, made a dramatic increase in show wins.

"I love my little white car," Jeff told us. She was ready to go to the wrecking yard and came back from nothing.