Nelson Cardadeiro
June 1, 2002
Photos By: Eric Lindley

David drove the car for a couple years then put it in storage while he began collecting as many new old stock (NOS) parts as he could. He began the restoration in October 1995, stripping the car to a bare shell. Finishing the renovation in April 1997, he did all the work, except the paint, himself.

"It was a very solid, rust-free car with only a few assorted smog brackets and a heat shield missing. It also had to have the Grant steering wheel and Hurst shifter replaced with the correct items," David said.

Although the undercarriage has been detailed to perfection, David drives his rare CJ to shows and on occasional pleasure drives. Because of this, Goodyear Eagle ST radials were installed.

So because of someone's imaginative ways back in 1969, David Peterson has an excellent example of a "have it your way" Mustang. And you can bet he doesn't come across a twin at any shows.