Miles Cook
June 1, 2002

Prime Motivation
Obviously, engine choice is an open book for your Eleanor-several engines including an FRPP 351W crate motor, a 390, and a 428 powered the 12 cars built for the movie. The car shown here makes do with this mild 302 that has cast-iron GT40 heads and a Holley 600 cfm carb. Behind it is a C4 trans. As with engines, transmission choice is also up to you. Although the car in the movie is supposed to be a four-speed manual, most of the 12 cars were automatics since much of the stunt work was easier with a slush box. Were we to build our own Eleanor, we'd opt for a T5 or Tremec five-speed manual gearbox.

Underpinnings Fit For A Star
The Eleanor Mustangs were able to perform on screen as well as they did partly because of a full front coilover suspension conversion as well as the addition of rack-and-pinion steering developed by Total Control Products and available from Mustangs Plus, (800) 999-4289, This strut brace setup is part of the coilover front suspension.

Rollin' Rollin'
Of course we suppose you could run just about any wheel on an Eleanor clone, but if you want to have that certain star-power look, you have just one choice: These 17x8-inch knockouts from PS Engineering, (310) 534-4477. Our photo subject car was shod with Goodyear Eagle F1 tires. You can run any make of tire you'd like, but the right size for Eleanor is 245/40ZR17 at all four corners.

The Gut
Interior appointments in an Eleanor clone are the lesser of your concerns. You could pretty much go with a clean black cabin, add a LeCarra steering wheel, maybe a set of body-hugging sport seats, and be done with it. Although this car doesn't have them, a set of Total Control aluminum pedal covers were seen in the movie, and are available from Mustangs Plus.