Eric English
September 1, 2001

Fast Facts
The year 1967 was a bit of a quirky year for the GT package. For starters, it was the only year to distinguish between manual and automatic transmissions-stick shift cars received the GT designation in the rocker stripes, while automatics were emblazoned GTA. Either way, the gas cap read GT. As far as power, any of the available V-8 engines would suffice, including the C-code two-barrel 289. This was a notable change from other years of GT production ('65-'66), which mandated four-barrel power. Since the C-code 289 used a single exhaust, these cars didn't receive the quad tips which are normally seen on '67-'68 GTs.

Pop Quiz
Question: Besides the '67 C-code 289, there was one other exception to the four-barrel GT rule. What is the year and the engine?

The '68 X-code two-barrel 390. This seldom-seen midyear offering was available in GT guise, and yes, it carried the quad-tipped dual exhaust.