Jim Smart
August 1, 2001
Photos By: Randy Lorentzen

How Do They Compare?

  '6811/42 GT500KR '99 SVT Cobra
Numbers built: 933 fastbacks 4,040 coupes
Body style: two-door fastback two-door coupe
Weight: 3,200 lb 3,400 lb
Steering: Worm-and-sector Power rack-and-pinion
  Bendix power assist  
Suspension: Front-Coil over upper arm Front-McPherson strut
  Rear-Multileaf/live axle Rear-Independent four-link with coils
Brakes: Power front disc, rear drum Power four disc
Axle ratio: 3.50:1, 3.91:1, or 4.30:1 3.27:1 Traction-Lok
  (conventional, limited-slip,  
  or Traction-Lok)  
Transmission: Top Loader four-speed Tremec T45 five-speed
Engine: 428ci 4V FE-series OHV V-8 4.6L DOHC modular V-8
Horsepower: 335 hp at 5,200 rpm 320 hp at 6,000 rpm
Torque: 440 lb-ft at 3,400 rpm 315 lb-ft at 4,750 rpm
Compression: 10.6:1 9.85:1
Bore: 4.13 in 3.55 in
Stroke: 3.98 in 3.53 in
Valvetrain: Pushrod, hydraulic lifters Dual overhead-cam, hydraulic

  Car Life, 10/68 Motor Trend, 12/98
0-60 mph: 6.9 sec 5.4 sec
0-{{{100}}} mph: 14.6 sec 13.4 sec
11/44-mile: 14.{{{57}}} sec at 99.55 mph 13.9 sec at 102.4 mph
Axle ratio: 3.50:1 limited-slip 3.27:1 Traction-Lok

Ready To Rock
We have to tell you, we weren't sure what to expect at the Los Angeles County Raceway (LACR) near Palmdale, California. LACR sits on Southern California's high desert floor at approximately 2,800 feet above sea level. It's a harsh desert environment where snow falls during the winter and tumbleweeds blow during the summer. Test pilot General Chuck Yeager broke the sound barrier here for the first time more than 50 years ago. The prototype space shuttle, Enterprise, made its maiden flight here 25 years ago. The Antelope Valley has always been about speed-unspeakable speed.

High westerly winds on the day of our shootout across the dusty, chewed-up north/south track made for good quarter-mile times and high-speed stability-challenging at best, even for the most seasoned drag racer.

Pat saddled up behind the wheel of his '99 Cobra, ready for action. Because he autocrosses his Cobra, Pat has a finite understanding of what to expect from his car. Each of his three quarter-mile passes was performed with the uncanny precision of a NASA space shuttle computer. He knew how to follow the timing tree with crisp reaction times, leaving the line with great predictability.