Rob Reaser
May 1, 2001

"The followng morning," says Jim, "Michael and his family arrived at the show site and were reunited with his old car. Needless to say, it was a little touching. He really could not believe that he was sitting behind the wheel of his old '67 Hi-Po car. About an hour later his brother Mark and his family showed up, and it was like old home week: the two boys looking over the car and telling stories to their kids about their experiences with it. Gus and Pat were snapping pictures, and everyone was just enjoying the moment. It was fantastic. Mark sat in the car and said, 'This is really weird.' I can only imagine having not seen an old friend in years, then to see the car fully restored and on the show circuit."

The meeting of these two families and the reunion between the car and the original owners were interesting highlights of the 2000 MCA Grand National, both of which the Mustang Monthly crew had the pleasure of witnessing firsthand. Not only that, but Jim had entered the hardtop in the Concours-Trailered class, winning a Gold the first time out.

Jim summed up the entire exciting experience when he said, "This is what Mustanging is really all about."