Jim Smart
April 1, 2001
Photos By: Jeff Ford

By the time you read this article, springtime will be upon us. As I write this copy, Christmas is but a few days away and the eastern two thirds of the nation is in the middle of a big freeze coupled with boatloads of snow and ice. Despite frigid temperatures, eggnog, holiday cheer, shoveling snow, and a backache from last minute shopping, it's a good idea to look ahead to the change of seasons and warm weather.

It's hard not to think about warm weather when you spot a Mustang such as this one. The top goes down and the boot goes on. It has a 289 2V V-8 and a four-speed stick. Inside, it boasts standard black vinyl and all the comforts of a classic Mustang. Outside, it has Styled Steel GT wheels, C-stripes, and foglamps. And by golly, it's red from license plate to license plate.

Are you beginning to feel the emotion of a spring day, the wind through your hair, the smell of fresh cut grass, the soft roar of a V-8 engine, and that rush of excitement that goes with driving a classic? You get the idea.

Diane and Tony Stalnaker of Georgia understand all of these emotions and more. They're familiar with Georgia in the springtime. And they understand the joys of motoring with the top down and the accelerator pressed. That's what motivated them to buy and restore this Mustang in the first place six years ago.

That's Sikkens urethane Candyapple Red paint lovingly applied by Tony, who prepped and painted this car himself. The Stalnakers personalized their ride with nice appointments, such as those chromed Styled Steel GT wheels, C-stripes, foglamps, and the woodgrain stock steering wheel. Underhood, the 289 V-8 remains stock, offering crisp performance for a Sunday afternoon drive. And when you get right down to it, driving is the best part of this tasty wedge of Candy- apple Magic.