Rob Reaser
April 1, 2001

"Once home I started the long process of reassembly. Everything on the chassis was replaced with new parts, excluding the rear brake drums, the front calipers, the spindles, and the strut rods. The front springs were increased to 600-pound units with matching heavy rear springs. The front upper A-arms were dropped 1 inch to Shelby specs. Koni adjustable shocks were fit on all four corners. The rearend was discarded in favor of a 9-inch unit with 3.89 gears and a Traction-Lok differential. Styled Steel wheels with reproduction U.S. Royal dual redline tires were also added. Next came the interior. Again, everything was discarded and replaced with new parts. Extras include factory A/C, an 8,000-rpm, low-profile Rally-Pac, a locking glovebox door, and a day/night mirror."

Once the fastback was completed, Robert wasted no time in setting the beast on the road, attending regional shows, and hitting the quarter-mile.

"I run my car in nostalgia drags, with the bias-ply tires to boot. It usually runs very consistent if I don't come off the line too hard and spin. It's not the fastest with those tires. My best time is a 15.9 e.t. But hey, Motor Trend [magazine] tested a '65 K-code in January 1965, and it ran a best 15.9. I guess it's right in line.

"With the Hi-Po-ised engine and the low gears, coupled with the skinny bias-ply tires, it's a blast to drive; you just have to keep your mind on your driving so as not to lose control when getting on the throttle. It has been driven to every show and event-never trailered-and that's the only way I'd have it."