Jim Smart
March 1, 2001

This Shelby Mustang is about the driving experience we've just described. It's about strapping 3,200 pounds of brute American steel to your backside and enjoying driving in four-decades-ago style. Stereo with CD sound? Nope. Airbag? When piloting this ride, the closest thing to an airbag is your blubbery buddy in the other bucket. In this car, it's best to simply forget about your problems and watch the tachometer dance while you blast through the gears-endeavoring to grasp the dynamics of this all-too-rare experience. And while you're at it, stay ahead of the vehicle, because you don't want this car to get ahead of you. It's unforgiving of error, and it demands your full attention.

Paul understands what driving a vintage Shelby Mustang is about, which is why he treats his with uncompromising respect. The car is driven rarely yet passionately, because Paul understands the importance behind preserving something-well-extraordinary.