Scott Lachenauer
April 2, 2012

The main goal was to match the factory in every area, even adding the correct amount of overspray where it would have happened at the factory. And since it's a single-stage paint, the car retains a gloss look, even under the hood. The later Vibrant Red cars do not feature this, as their base/clear paint schemes were sprayed differently with the clear coat not extending under the hood.

While this work was going on, rebuilding and restoration was well underway on the car's mechanicals. The engine, transmission, and rearend were rebuilt to original specs. Again, using Gary's other Cobra as a guide, the correct bolts, screws, clips, and other miscellaneous fasteners were located and restored to their correct finish—painted, phosphate, zinc, or cadmium plated.

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The search for NOS parts continued for over three years, with Gary procuring the rare Cobra-specific parts such as shocks and struts, wheels, taillights, glass, and exhaust. The 17-inch Cobra wheels still have their stickers on the face, and the steering wheel remains wrapped in its original packaging. Fox Mustang Restoration, Tousley Ford, and Performance Parts Inc. were great sources for some of these rare parts. Others were scored on eBay.

Reassembly began in January 2011. Bill worked on the car steadily for five months, carefully reassembling Cobra #19 with restored and NOS parts to bring the car back to original condition. B&B Machine Shop, Bob Hamlin Transmissions, Chris Ciadella, Ed Shaw, Emil Hibian, and Jim Signorelli pitched in to help complete the restoration only days before Cobra #19 made its debut at the 2011 Carlisle Ford Nationals.