Wayne Cook
February 1, 2008

There was a lot of excitement when Dynacorn Classic Bodies introduced the '67 Mustang replacement body shell. Mustang & Fords has been there from the beginning, first with our comparison to an original '67 Mustang body. We followed along with the construction of this Dynacorn-based Pony at Autoworks International in El Cajon, California.

When we last saw the Dynacorn Mustang project, all of the bodywork had been accomplished to perfection, and two-part primer from House of Kolor was applied. This kind of primer relies on a chemical reaction to cure rather than on evaporation. The result is a harder, more uniform surface. Careful sanding followed the primer coat, bringing the surface preparation to the exacting expectations required. The level of workmanship for this project is top-notch, and no detail is overlooked. The car was being built by Autoworks for Dynacorn to display at the '07 SEMA trade show and-besides being covered by our cameras for print-the build will be taped for the SPEED TV show Chop-Cut-Rebuild.

To make the project really stand out at SEMA, a two-stage red from House of Kolor called Apple Red Kandy was chosen. The basecoat gave the car a metallic-bronze color that looked really cool but was a long way from the deep red we were after. However, when the second layer of paint was applied, the true hue became apparent. The color is similar to the '65 Mustang Candyapple Red but darker and deeper.

As most automotive restoration professionals will tell you, it's the body and then the paint that's the hard part in almost any automotive restoration project. Check out the workmanship that Autoworks put into this project, and see how the car is carefully prepared for paint and what the color is going to look like. When it's finished, we'll have a completely painted body along with hood, trunk lid, and front fenders. Then we can continue on with drivetrain and interior installation to wrap up our project. Stay tuned for more on the fastback project, including an update on costs in an upcoming issue.

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