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February 1, 2008

Step By Step

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Mufp_0802_cal_01_z 1965_mercury_comet_caliente Front_viewMufp_0802_cal_02_z 1965_mercury_comet_caliente Front_viewMufp_0802_cal_03_z 1965_mercury_comet_caliente Rear_viewMufp_0802_cal_04_z 1965_mercury_comet_caliente EngineMufp_0802_cal_05_z 1965_mercury_comet_caliente Dual_quad_intakeMufp_0802_cal_06_z 1965_mercury_comet_caliente EngineMufp_0802_cal_07_z 1965_mercury_comet_caliente InteriorMufp_0802_cal_08_z 1965_mercury_comet_caliente DashMufp_0802_cal_22_z 1965_mercury_comet_caliente Door_handle

"Ronnie Sox and Dyno Don were very influential in my decision to buy a '65 hardtop." This statement by John Chandler doesn't refer to the Caliente you see before you, but rather to the new one he bought some 40-odd years ago. His choice of the Comet was firmly anchored in Mercury's fabulous F/X efforts of the day, but when it came to modifications, he "couldn't afford too much back then as family and kids were on the horizon."

That was then; this is now. The intervening decades did not see Chandler lose any interest in the quarter-mile--quite the opposite, in fact. As his financial situation improved, and the nest emptied, John eventually found himself in possession of nothing shy of an Alcohol dragster. But nothing lasts forever and, "after selling the dragster and putting the money into our chassis business, I got the bug to buy a street car for my wife and me, and turned to my old favorite: the '65 Caliente." The chassis business John refers to is based at the airport in London, Ontario, Canada, and is known as Chandler Technologies (www.chandlertechnologies.com).

Now, a '65 Comet Caliente isn't something one stumbles across every day, so John had some searching to do. The Internet made it easier, and via eBay, one was eventually located in Kentucky. "It looked good 'til we got it home to London and realized this unit needed a frame-off resto," John says. "Seeing that it didn't have a frame, we did the next best thing." This meant months of cutting, scraping, welding, fabricating, and painting.

Being a chassis wizard, John chose to upgrade the half-century-old suspension configuration with help from the aftermarket and his own ingenuity. Starting in the stern, a stainless four-link setup replaced the horse-and-buggy factory arrangement and teamed with Air Ride Technologies' adjustable ShockWave airbag spring/dampers. With room thus available, subtle mini-tubs were crafted in.

Up front, John pulled out all the stops. He engineered a stainless crossmember to tie into the lower shock towers and mount a rack-and-pinion steering box. Factory Comets were rear-steer; John converted his to front-steer by using Granada spindles on their "wrong" sides and correcting the steering-arm angles for proper Ackerman (the geometry that, of necessity, lets the inside front wheel turn "tighter" than the outside front wheel). The result is precise, modern steering with virtually no bumpsteer. The height-adjustable ShockWaves are also employed up front, so the Comet can squat low or stand tall like a '60s drag car.

Looks like a 289 under the hood, right? That's the general idea, but it's actually a 302 stroked to 331 cubes with a SCAT stroker crank and rods, and JE forged pistons for a manageable 10.5:1 compression ratio. A pair of 390-cfm Holley four-barrels sit atop a Weiand intake between Edelbrock 2.02/1.60 alloy heads. A Ford Racing Performance Parts E303 roller cam performs valve-timing duties. Underneath hang those decidedly retro Hedman 4-into-1 long-tubes with generous 1-5/8-inch primaries and 3-inch collectors, and behind the 331 is a Tremec T-5 five-speed. The engine bay itself is nicely detailed and uses a pair of adjustable-end links for firewall/shock-tower triangulation.

As nice as a Caliente may have been back in 1965, rest assured the factory interior was chopped liver compared to the tan beauty of this cockpit. The buckets are {{{Mustang}}} units reskinned in tan leather to match the back seat, door panels, and dashpad. The embroidered Mercury god-heads are a nice touch, as is the polished, combined shifter bezel/Air Ride controller housing whittled from billet aluminum. Though the in-dash radio looks to be a legitimate 40 years old, there's a hidden Clarion head unit, four 4x6 interior speakers, and a 10-inch subwoofer in the trunk--as if the 331 didn't make enough music.

No one undertakes a project of this scope without help, and John is quick to thank Garry Howes, Rob Young, and Mike Sexsmith who contributed their various talents. John's wife, Bev, also put in extra hours at work to help offset the Caliente's ultimate cost. All the expenditure and effort has resulted in various trophies at shows attended, but the best reward to John and Bev is simply having another '65 Caliente, this time done up just the way they want it. And that's this Comet's tale.

Step By Step

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Mufp_0802_cal_09_z 1965_mercury_comet_caliente Air_ride_suspension_controllerMufp_0802_cal_10_z 1965_mercury_comet_caliente TrunkMufp_0802_cal_11_z 1965_mercury_comet_caliente Air_ride_suspension_solenoidsMufp_0802_cal_12_z 1965_mercury_comet_caliente Wilwood_brakesMufp_0802_cal_13_z 1965_mercury_comet_caliente Fender_badgeMufp_0802_cal_14_z 1965_mercury_comet_caliente Engine

The Details

  • '65 Mercury Comet Caliente
  • Owners: John and Bev Chandler, London, Ontario, Canada
  • Engine

  • 331 stroker
  • SCAT crank and rods
  • JE forged pistons
  • 10.5:1 compression
  • Ford Racing Performance Parts E303 roller cam
  • Edelbrock 2.02/1.60 aluminum heads
  • Comp Cams 1.6:1 roller rockers
  • Weiand aluminum intake
  • Holley 390-cfm carbs (x2)
  • MSD 6AL ignition
  • Transmission

  • Tremec T-5 five-speed
  • Rearend

  • 9-inch
  • 4.10 gears
  • 31-spline axles
  • Detroit Locker
  • Exhaust

  • Hedman long-tube headers, 1-5/8-inch primaries, 3-inch collectors
  • 2-1/2-inch 304 stainless tubing
  • Flowmaster mufflers
  • Suspension

  • Front: Adapted to front-steer power rack-and-pinion steering, Air Ride ShockWave adjustable airbag spring/damper units
  • Rear: Stainless four-link, Air Ride ShockWave adjustable airbag spring/damper units, mini-tubs
  • Brakes

  • Front: Wilwood disc
  • Rear: Wilwood disc
  • Wheels

  • Front: American Racing Salt Flat Special, 5.5x15, stock offset
  • Rear: American Racing Salt Flat Special, 9x15, stock offset
  • Tires

  • Front: Kumho Radial, P165/60R15
  • Rear: BFGoodrich Radial T/A, P275/50R15
  • Interior

  • Tan leather Mustang buckets, tan replacement carpet, dash modified for Auto Meter gauges, stainless harness bar, four-point harnesses, hidden Clarion head unit, stainless tilt column, Banjo steering wheel, polished billet shift bezel and Air Ride control housing, custom upholstery by Aircraft Interiors, Goderich, Ontario
  • Exterior

  • Fiberglass hood, front and rear bumpers, custom fuel filler behind rear window, Black Cherry base/clear pearl coat, body and paint by Richard Hilton, London, Ontario
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