Dale Amy
October 1, 2007

For exterior paint, the boys turned to one of Roger's neighbors who owns Thunder Valley Customs, a shop well known for its custom creations (and as we can personally attest, did an outstanding refinishing job-no easy chore on anything this long and this black). Speaking of black, Ed's car was built without the X-100's usual matte-black Tunnel Roof and trunk lid paint. It seems about half the X-100s were built with this two-tone scheme deleted. Meanwhile, the interior was complete and original, needing only a thorough cleaning, replacement of the carpet, and refurbishing of the center console.

And so, we are thus able to bring you images of the finest '69 X-100 Marauder we've ever seen. By the way, Marauder production was ceased after selling in even lower volume for 1970. So be prepared to have patience should you go searching for one of your own.

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The Details
'69 Mercury MarauderX-100

Owner: Ed Zukusky • Bradenton, FL


  • N-code 429 4V, stock except for chrome
  • 360 hp at 4,600 rpm
  • 480 lb-ft at 2,800 rpm


  • C6 automatic


  • 9-inch
  • 2.80 gears


  • Stock replacement, with bright tips

    Front: Stock
    Rear: Stock

    Front: Stock disc
    Rear: Stock drum

    Front: Kelsey-Hayes, 15x6
    Rear: Kelsey-Hayes, 15x6

    Front: Goodyear Enterprise, P235/75R15
    Rear: Goodyear Enterprise, P235/75R15

    Stock, except for column-mounted aftermarket gauges

    Refinished in stock black paint by Thunder Valley Customs

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