Jim Smart
April 16, 2007
We like the Kinesis 17-inch wheels Barry and Joe chose for the Pantera. Wheel sizing, coupled with proper tire selection, has vastly improved the handling and looks.

Earlier, we addressed Barry's 408-inch stroker, and here's more. Keller Motor Supply in Medford started with a Ford Racing four-bolt main block. Inside, Keller handcrafted a powerful big-inch Ford small-block using an Eagle stroker kit with JE forged pistons, H-beam rods, and a 4340 steel crankshaft. Because compression is a pinch on the high side at 12.5:1, Barry runs 110-octane racing fuel to keep combustion attitude civilized. Exciting the mixture is a Crane solid roller camshaft with an aggressive profile. Crane 1.6:1 roller rockers add lift and smooth operation. AFR 205 aluminum heads with big 2.02/1.60-inch valves breathe like no other cylinder head alive, making the Keller package a brute at the least. We like Edelbrock's Victor single-plane, high-rise induction topped with an 850-cfm Barry Grant Race Demon carburetor for 550 hp at the rear wheels. Like most savvy car builders, Barry opted for an MSD billet distributor to light his fire.

Barry Bloomberg's Pantera demonstrates the potential in restomod just about anywhere. Despite the Pantera's potential value on an auction block, Barry took a rare ride and made it more fun to drive. And that's what buyers are looking for today in a collectible musclecar. They love the nostalgia, but they love the drive more. This was Barry's motivation from the start.

Inside, Barry's Pantera is undisturbed at 28,408 miles, just the way he wanted it.

The Details
'72 DeTomaso Pantera
Owner: Barry Bloomberg, Eagle Point, OR

408ci Windsor V-8
4.030-inch bore, 4.000-inch stroke
Eagle 4340-steel crank
Eagle forged I-beam connecting rods
Forged JE pistons
Ford Racing iron block
Edelbrock Victor single-plane manifold
Barry Grant 850-cfm Race Demon carburetor
AFR 205 cylinder heads with 2.02/1.60-inch valves
Crane solid roller cam, 0.600 lift, 0.248 duration
Crane roller rocker arms, 1.6 ratio
MSD billet distributor

ZF five-speed transaxle
4.88 gears

Pantera Performance Headers
Custom exhaust

Front: Stock with Pantera Performance coilovers
Rear: Stock with Pantera Performance coilovers

Front: Wilwood disc, 13-inch
Rear: Wilwood disc

Front: Kinesis K57 polished, 17x10-inch
Rear: Kinesis K57 polished, 17x12-inch

Front: BFGoodrich G-Force T/A KD, P240/40ZR17
Rear: BFGoodrich G-Force T/A KD, P315/35ZR17

Completely stock

Ferrari Red urethane basecoat/clearcoat