Wayne Cook
July 23, 2007
Photos By: Jeff Ford
Those wheels are the GTX03 edition from Billet Specialties. They make a good-looking combination when shod with Michelin high-performance radial tires.

Dedicated Ford fanatic Craig Amboyan of Port Charlotte, Florida, says he's been in love with Blue Oval iron for his entire 43 years. He is the proud owner of this exciting '64 Falcon hardtop, which he has been working on at his home for the last two years.

The fact is, Craig's whole family has a talent for working on Fords. His nephew Eric completed all the bodywork on this car, while his father, Michel, handled the interior work. Craig's friend Kenny Peak completed the paintwork, laying down the Sapphire Blue basecoat/clearcoat paint with considerable expertise. They must be doing something right because their efforts resulted in a Best of Show at their '03 Falcon Regional event.

The attitude is all business under the bonnet, with everything cleaned up and any clutter out of the way. The Rod & Custom front-end installation is so well done that it looks like a factory job. The Windsor has late-model bracketry with a serpentine accessory drive for the power steering and Powermaster alternator.

One look under the hood and you'll see this Futura is more than just another good looker. To begin with, the original-equipment 289 is long gone. For lots of extra power, it was replaced with a tall-deck 351 Windsor engine. If you've ever looked under the hood of an early Falcon or Fairlane, then you know the wide Windsor is a no-go between those intrusive shock towers inherent to the original design.

The solution to the quandary is to eliminate the towers, then there's plenty of room for a bigger engine. On Craig's car, a complete Mustang II front end from Rod & Custom Motorsports filled the bill for the removal of the towers. As a matter of fact, a host of performance upgrade issues are addressed by the R&C kit. Once the front end is installed, you have not only a new coilover suspension with tubular control arms, but also rack-and-pinion steering and front disc brakes.

These Auto Meter instruments serve the purpose much better than the factory warning lights, and they look better, too.

Besides allowing the installation of a larger engine, the kit provides significant upgrades, modernizing these three areas crucial to enhanced vehicle performance. Once the front-end kit was in place, the Windsor-engine fit was no problem, and the rest of the powertrain went into the car smoothly. Although it's safe to say that Craig's Falcon is indeed flashy, it's a perfect example of beauty being more than skin deep.