Wayne Cook
November 29, 2006
Photos By: Mark Houlahan

Carlos Caraza of Coral Springs, Florida, is the proud owner of this '65 Mustang. Way back in 1986, Carlos and his father were looking for a project they could work on together [Sound familiar?-Ed.], and after a search of the local newspapers, this car was located. It was a good runner with only a little rust. A deal was struck, and $2,000 was paid for the classic Ford. Once home in the driveway, work began and small restoration projects were undertaken.

When Carlos turned 15 and the prospect of getting a driver's license loomed closer, the pressure to light a fire under the Mustang project grew. He finally convinced his parents to begin the resurrection of the ponycar in earnest. The Mustang went to a local body and repair shop for a one-year stay and was returned with a freshened 289 V-8, new paint, and a reupholstered Deluxe interior. In this incarnation, the car served Carlos all through his high school years and beyond. It's no surprise the coupe is full of special memories. This is the car that carried Carlos and his future wife on their first date [Now that really sounds familiar!-Ed.].

Time marched on, and the little coupe sat in the driveway as Carlos went off to college, got married, and began a family. The Mustang remained untouched for eight years. Seeing its deterioration was too much for Carlos, however, and he decided another life was in store for the car. This time, the Pony went to The Three Craftsmen in Pompano Beach, Florida, for a more comprehensive refurbishment.

What began as a project to return the car to basic driving condition soon became much more. A Rod & Custom Motorsports Mustang II front suspension and custom body features were planned. Safety upgrades like disc brakes and shoulder belts were added. Two years later the car was still in the shop, and a final push was necessary to get it over the top and finished.

Carlos says it was all worthwhile and that his project turned out better than he ever could have imagined. A member of South Florida Stangs, he enjoys showing his coupe whenever he can.

We certainly see why he's so pleased.

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