Mark Houlahan
Tech Editor, Mustang Monthly
October 31, 2006

Michael Raley of Arlington, Texas, is on to something good with his yellow and black '66 Mustang six-cylinder coupe. He bought the car from a work buddy a few years back and began refurbishment work immediately. After almost two years of hard labor, the finished product emerged. The result was this good-looking car with an attention-getting color combination. Michael named his car the "Lil' Stinger." The "little" is for the smaller six-cylinder engine and the "stinger" is for the black and yellow hues that resemble a bee.

Although the color combo is as sweet as honey, it's not the only thing about this little coupe that's different. Michael has taken many steps to upgrade his car to V-8 performance status-except adding a V-8. Look closely at the front end and you'll see the car has the five-lug wheels found on V-8-equipped cars. To get this stronger V-8 style, front spindles must be used. Likewise, the six-cylinder rear axle was tossed in favor of an 8-inch unit, which converted the rear wheels to five-lug status at the same time.

The secret to the extra punch coming from the 200ci six is the power-adding hardware he got from Ford Six Performance. It seems the Australians were more interested in the Ford six-cylinder engine than the Americans have ever been because some interesting six-cylinder components were developed for the Australian market that weren't available here. For one thing, the Aussie intake manifold and cylinder-head combination dramatically improve inlet flow into the combustion chamber and will accept a two-barrel carb. Improvement over the stock American components is reported at around 45 percent. Adding headers and a dual-exhaust system doesn't hurt, either, and Michael has done both to the Lil' Stinger. Michael says he built this car primarily for weekend driving, but the yellow coupe also does well at local car shows. He enjoys rolling up to the show, everybody guessing that his car is V-8 powered, only to surprise them when he opens the hood. The car must sound pretty good, as he tells us "nobody ever gets it right!"

Since our photo shoot, Michael upgraded the car with a T5 five-speed manual transmission and a DUI electronic distributor. Always a work in progress, there are more upgrades to come.

The Details
'66 Mustang coupe
Owner: Michael Raley, Arlington, TX

200ci six-cylinder bored 0.060 oversize
Australian cast-iron cylinder head, 1.75 intake
and 1.50 exhaust valves, ported, bowls blended
Cast pistons
Sealed Power rings
Nodular iron crank, polished and balanced
9.9:1 compression ratio
Clay Smith/Ford Six Performance camshaft, .450/.450 lift, 264/264 duration, lobe center 110 degrees
Crane single valvesprings with damper
1.5:1 Ford rocker arms
Australian Ford 2V Intake
Holley 500-cfm two-barrel carb
Duraspark distributor and ignition system
K&N air cleaner and custom intake package
235 flywheel horsepower
228 lb-ft torque
Built by Tony Cowell, Cowell Performance, Weatherford, TX

C4 automatic
Phoenix Transmissions 10-inch converter
2,500-rpm stall speed

Traction-Lok differential
3.00 gears
28-spline axles

Pacesetter 11/42-inch primary tube headers
2-inch dual exhaust system
Flowmaster 40-series mufflers

Front: Completely rebuilt using urethane bushings, KYB Gas-a-Just shocks
Rear: Heavy-duty leaf springs, KYB Gas-a-Just shocks

Front: Disc conversion
Rear: Factory drum

Front: American Racing Aero 106, 15x7, 5.25-inch offset
Rear: American Racing Aero 106, 15x7, 5.25-inch offset

Front: Master Craft Avenger, P215/60R15
Rear: Master Craft Avenger, P215/60R15

Toyota Supra seats, body-color accents, hidden Jensen/MTX audio system, custom yellow and black vinyl by Jerry Kitchens, Automotive Enterprises, Arlington, Texas, Humphugger console

Ford Screaming Yellow PPG single-stage urethane
Raven Black accent stripes
Shelby hoodscoop
Shelby sidescoops

Step By Step

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Mufp_0611_02_z 1966_yellow_mustang RearMufp_0611_03_z 1966_yellow_mustang Engine_bayMufp_0611_05_z 1966_yellow_mustang Interior
The good-looking interior on Michael's car was highlighted by painting the metal surfaces Screaming Yellow and using a black upholstery and carpet kit. Seats from a Toyota Supra were covered to match the outrageous color scheme. Gauges are stock with the exception of a Sunpro tachometer.
Mufp_0611_06_z 1966_yellow_mustang HeadrestsMufp_0611_07_z 1966_yellow_mustang Michael_raleyMufp_0611_08_z 1966_yellow_mustang Stinger_decalMufp_0611_09_z 1966_yellow_mustang Trunk
Despite the dice, there's no gamble when it comes to superior sound in the car. Components include a Jensen AM/FM/CD brain unit stashed in the glovebox, while the MTX amplifiers live in the trunk. MTX speakers are mounted in the package tray and in the front kick panels.
Mufp_0611_10_z 1966_yellow_mustang 1966_inspectionMufp_0611_11_z 1966_yellow_mustang Side_scoops
These great-looking sidescoops were originally employed on the Shelby GT350 for rear-brake cooling. Even without the ducting to the rear brakes, the scoops still look great.
Mufp_0611_12_z 1966_yellow_mustang 200_cubic_inchesMufp_0611_04_z 1966_yellow_mustang Intake