May 10, 2006

All Things Considered
We all have our dream projects but not all of us have a dream bank account. You're setting yourself up for failure if you live on franks-n-beans and you're looking for a '67 Fairlane to receive a supercharged modular, pie-plate disc brakes, 18-inch wheels, trick suspension, and a full custom interior--did I just describe my own dream project?

Take your time and shop around. While it's true that many of the classic Fords we want are escalating in price every day, and there are fewer examples out there to be found, you can still find a decent deal with patience and persistence. Know what you want, what your budget can handle, and work from there. Don't know a thing about paint and body? Then find a solid car that doesn't need any metal work, and then drop your drivetrain du jour into it.

You can always work up to your dream car. Maybe you want a '63 Galaxie with a Cammer and an old-school four-speed, but that Cammer engine is going to cost more than the car you currently drive to work every day. Find yourself a Mustang hardtop or a clean Falcon to start with instead. Get your feet wet, build a nice little restomod, and then use the profits from the sale of that car to fund your true dream project. You'll get project experience, time under the hood, and enjoy a fun driver. We've even heard of people taking an older project and trading it with some cash or other valuables for their dream project.

So what are you waiting for? Get started today, and don't forget to show us those great before and after pictures, and tell us all about your project. -Mark Houlahan

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