Wayne Cook
February 1, 2006
Photos By: Tom Rounds

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Mufp_0602_01z 1966_shelby_cobra_replica Drivers_side_view
For intimidating automotive style, it's hard to beat a 427 Cobra. This car looks even more formidable with dark Indigo Blue paint, which is highlighted by the classic Cragar chrome wheels. The front wheels are 15X8 and equipped with 245/50/15 Pirelli tires. The back 15X10 wheels are shod with 295/50/15 BFGoodrich tires. This rolling stock helps give the car a perfect stance.
Mufp_0602_02z 1966_shelby_cobra_replica HoodMufp_0602_03z 1966_shelby_cobra_replica Side_ventsMufp_0602_04z 1966_shelby_cobra_replica Engine_viewMufp_0602_05z 1966_shelby_cobra_replica Exhasut_pipesMufp_0602_06z 1966_shelby_cobra_replica Passengers_side_viewMufp_0602_07z 1966_shelby_cobra_replica Engine_view
What makes this Cobra special is the presence of the rare and correct FE 427 engine. While not the cheapest way to go, there's nothing that matches the visual appeal of a genuine FE big-block engine when the hood comes up. With the cross-bolted mains and Le Mans connecting rods, you can bet that Reg doesn't lose much sleep at night worrying about the engine's lower end.
Mufp_0602_08z 1966_shelby_cobra_replica Front_cabin_view
The Cobra interior is complete down to the correct although-installed-backwards '65 Mustang shifter. The car has a wooden LeCarra steering wheel and full instrumentation as per the original. A chrome-plated rollbar and Simpson three-point harnesses provide a sense of security as well as safety. Black Connelly leather upholstery completes the spartan interior.
Mufp_0602_09z 1966_shelby_cobra_replica Detail_id

Reg Hoole of Qualicum Beach, British Columbia, is the proud owner of this '66 427 Cobra SC replica. After he drove a big-block Cobra owned and built by his brother, he knew he had to have one of the powerful cars. He also knew that finding one near his home on Vancouver Island might be a long shot.

After a far-reaching search, he found this great-looking '88 Contemporary Classic Cobra. The car had less than 4,000 miles on the odometer and looked virtually new. Reg was destined to become the second owner of the nearly-flawless Indigo Blue roadster. The first owner only sold the car because of eyesight problems. It was a sad day for him but a happy occasion for Reg.

The only stumbling block to Reg's ownership was the fact that this car was located on the shores of the St. Lawrence Seaway in Eastern Canada. However, Reg wasn't about to let this stop him. After all, what was 3,000 miles at 20 degrees below zero when the car had a genuine 427 side oiler? No problem, right? That's what Reg said when he plunked down his money for the car.

When the time came to move the big-block Cobra, there was 4 feet of snow at the edge of the driveway. With the ambient temperature at 22 degrees below zero, the car was fired up and taken to the railroad station. Once secured inside a railcar, the Cobra was shipped out to the West coast of the continent. The journey ended with a ferryboat ride to Vancouver Island.

Reg was so excited about acquiring the car that when he finally got it home, he decided to form a new club for Shelby Cobra enthusiasts. There's a lot more interest in the Shelby Cobra in British Colombia and on Vancouver Island than you might think, and the club has over 25 active members. It's still growing, and Reg says the excitement level is high at meetings and events, with many Cobra projects underway. As for the name of the club, we certainly couldn't do any better than their choice of VICE Squad, which stands for Vancouver Island Cobra Enthusiasts. It's a cool name for a cool club located in a cool place with a cool climate. We don't know how else to say it.

Since the car's journey west, about eight years have gone by, and Reg hasn't had the car off the island except to attend the annual Mustang Roundup held at Seattle International Raceway. According to him, during open track the car was surefooted in the corners while the straightaways were eaten alive. As far as straight-line performance is concerned, word is the snake does the quarter-mile in the mid 12-second range on street tires.

Reg says his car does everything well, and if given a pair of slicks, his Cobra would be deep into the 11s-and we agree with him.

The Details
1966 427 SC Cobra, Contemporary Classics replicaOwner: Reg Hoole, British Columbia, Canada

1966 Ford FE 427 side oiler
Bore diameter 4.25-inches
Forged-steel crankshaft, 3.76-inch stroke
Ford Le Mans connecting rods
Forged-aluminum pistons, 10.5:1 compression ratio
Ford mechanical 427/4V Special camshaft, .500 lift at both valves, 306-degree duration, 78-degree overlap
Ford medium-riser cylinder heads
Cast-aluminum 427 Cobra rocker covers
Edelbrock aluminum intake manifold
Holley 850-cfm double-pumper carburetor

Center Force ceramic clutch
Aluminum flywheel
Four-speed close-ratio Top Loader transmission

Traction-Lok differential
3.23 gears

Front: Cragar, 15X8s
Rear: Cragar, 15x10s

Front: Pirelli, P245/50R15
Rear: Pirelli, P295/50R15

LeCarra steering wheel
Smiths gauges
Simpson three-point harnesses
Black Connelly leather upholstery

House of Colors Pearlescent Indigo Blue