Jim Smart
February 7, 2006
Photos By: E. John Thawley, III
Radir Custom Wheels are known for classic hot-rod styling and flair for the '60s. They look right at home on the Campbell's Galaxie.

The result of all this attention to detail is a solid 600 hp at the rear wheels. Who said the FE big-block is dated thinking? Certainly not us. Thanks to better camshaft, induction, and ignition technology, you can build phenomenal amounts of power into a cross-bolted 427 side-oiler. Remember, this is 600 hp with 1964 technology.

Even more remarkable is the Jerico Performance Products four-speed transmission, fully capable of taking the 600 hp this stroked 427 can deliver. Between the FE and the Jerico is a good old-fashioned Hayes three-finger Borg & Beck clutch, just like we remember from the '60s. Your left leg better be as resilient as the Top Loader for this mission because it takes a lot of brute strength. Those with knee implants need not apply.

The Crites teardrop hood, another nod to the Thunderbolt, not only makes plenty of room for the airbox atop the carburetor, but also helps the Galaxie's performance attitude, whether sitting still or at full chat.

As you might expect, the Campbells specified a bulletproof 9-inch Ford with 35-spline Strange axles and 4.57 Detroit Locker cogs to channel 600 ponies and an equivalent amount of torque to the firmament. Radir Wheels' 15-inch five-spoke mag wheels wrapped in BFGoodrich rubber help handling and aesthetics.

The idea here is period-style performance from Ford's Total Performance era that spanned the '60s. Total Performance is significant to Ford history because of what it did for the company's image, racing, and respect. Ford reentered the world of racing in the early '60s determined to earn respect, and that's exactly what it did in the years to follow. Many victories around the world proved Ford was a worthy opponent. It didn't come without sacrifice: Scattered engines and wrinkled steel were all part of the learning curve that would get Ford to the winner's circle at LeMans sporting FE power.

The Campbells have never forgotten what Ford did for racing, which is what first inspired this Galaxie fastback project. And to think it almost didn't happen.

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