Wayne Cook
November 1, 2005

Our '69 Mustang SportsRoof has become something of a test mule over the years. While we often get to try out the latest and greatest carburetor or intake manifold, we seldom take the time or trouble when it comes to the appearance of our engine bay. The car is driven a lot, and although it's not a show car, the fastback is nice enough to deserve some attention under the hood. There are several different areas we want to address.

A potpourri of different fasteners lives on our engine, and, although it seems like a small item, we think having mixed types of fasteners on the engine sticks out like a sore thumb. We've also grown weary of the OE stamped-steel and painted valve covers, and have decided to use something a little nicer for that prominent position on the engine. Because we aren't interested in an original-style restoration, we're free to trim out our engine bay with a few aftermarket appearance enhancers that are really nice. We're going to go over our engine, remove all the different varieties of fasteners, and replace them with a complete stainless-steel engine fastener set from Gardner-Westcott. The kit includes new rocker cover bolts and washers, so we'll use those fasteners while we install a new set of Holley chrome valve covers onto the 351 engine. Although we have been experimenting with some smaller air cleaner assemblies, we've decided to combine our new valve covers with a chromed open-element air cleaner. For around the outside perimeters of the engine compartment, Mustangs Plus has furnished a special stainless-steel trim kit that will outline the engine bay in bright polished steel. When these bright trim pieces are combined with the new valve covers, air cleaner, and stainless-steel bolts, we're confident our engine bay is going to spruce up nicely. Let's look in on this project, which was a fun part of a summer weekend.