Wayne Cook
June 1, 2005
Photos By: Jim Smart

When David Threshie of Chandler, Arizona, set out to do something different with his '67 Mustang fastback, he didn't stop with just the Eleanor body treatment. This car's impressive list of modifications starts at the pavement and works its way up. To get the show rolling, Auto Krafters of Tempe, Arizona, did all required bodywork, including the installation of a complete Eleanor body kit from CVS. Adding the Eleanor body kit to a garden variety Mustang fastback is a good looking and extensive modification that mandates some tricky exhaust work later on. Auto Krafters pulled it off perfectly, including the striking BMW metallic blue color.

On the ground are Michelin Pilot radials-245/40/17 in front and 275/40/17 in back-mounted on 17x 8-inch GT-40 aluminum wheels from PS Engineering. A Fatman Fabrications front-end kit was installed to improve handling and bring the classic Mustang's suspension technology ahead of its time. This arrangement allows the use of '96 Cobra Mustang hardware, including spindles, struts, and brakes, while retaining the original shock towers. An adjustable shock-tower brace and Monte Carlo is preloaded for maximum front-end structural rigidity. Rack-and-pinion steering and a tilt steering column offer David comfort, convenience, and control. The front end has been modified to provide excellent handling and structural support. In back, there's a four-link, coil-over rear suspension attached to the car, using ladder bars for stability. Baer Claw disc brakes assist the front Cobra binders, providing a well-balanced braking system.

The list of interesting equipment and modifications carries on underhood. The Mustang Shop of Chandler, Arizona, installed a {{{Ford}}} Racing Performance Parts 392ci stroker crate engine that delivers 430 hp. Based on the vernable 351W block, the 392 achieves its displacement with a 4.030-inch bore and 3.85-inch stroke. It comes right out of the box and is topped off with GT-40 aluminum heads for good measure. The mill is well rounded with a Victor Jr. single-plane high-rise intake, a Holley 750-cfm double pumper, a MSD ignition, and March pulleys and brackets. Hedman headers scavenge into a 211/42-inch dual-exhaust system sporting Spin Tech mufflers. It took some major finesse to get the high-performance exhaust system to exit through the rockers in the Eleanor bodywork, but it was accomplished for a fully functional side exhaust. Keeping things cool under the hood is a Griffin radiator, assisted by dual thermostatically controlled electric fans.

Power passes through a Luke heavy-duty, cable-controlled diaphragm clutch to a Tremec TKO five-speed manual transmission. An aluminum driveshaft channels the power to a 9-inch Ford with 3.55:1 gears. This gives David the perfect combination of street and strip performance.

With all of this good stuff going on outside, we didn't expect David to let us down inside. the Mustang Shop installed new black upholstery on a set of Pro Car bucket seats. Combined with a new carpet kit, the standard camera-case trim looks great with a Grant steering wheel, Auto Meter gauges, and a T-handle shifter. To keep the cabin atmosphere controlled for David's comfort, a Custom Autosound USA 6 AM/FM stereo keeps the vibrations free to move about the cabin. To counter Arizona's warm, summer climate, factory air conditioning gets its support from a compact Sanden rotary compressor.

When we spoke to the folks at the Mustang Shop in Chandler, Arizona, they couldn't tell us the quarter-mile times, but they assured us David's fastback will hold its own. When it comes to power, handling, and raw good looks, David's 500E replica has it all.