Jeff Ford
July 1, 2004
Contributers: Jeff Ford

When pressed for detailed information about the fine '66 GTA Fairlane spread across these two pages, Bill and Judy Detzel were a little reticent. But who can blame them since they didn't turn the bolts on the car. You see, they bought the car as a finished product; we often think that might be the best way to do things like this. It's easier on the worry lines and brain to just step in after it's done and fire up the wallet.

Jim first felt the flames of desire for this sporty Emberglo GTA when he laid eyes on it while it was under the ownership of a Mr. Moore. Apparently, this Fairlane really caught Bill's eye because he spent the next several shows looking for it. Finally, Bill struck up a conversation with Mr. Moore, and the two came to an agreement-if Moore ever sold the car, Bill would have the first shot. Sadly, Moore passed away not long after the two talked. But Moore had been a man of his word. There was a clause in his will stating if no one in the family wanted the GTA, then they were to offer to sell the Fairlane to Bill. the family contacted Bill, and his fire for the Fairlane was still hot, so he bought the car.

Who can blame him? The GTA, so named for Grand Tourism Automatic, is a tour de force of Ford performance, circa 1966. Under the power-louvered hood is a 390 FE sporting the sweet, visual candy of a Ford over-the-counter, tri-power setup mounted to the factory aluminum intake manifold. Flanking the tri-power are chrome valve covers that were part of the Fairlane GT/GTA package. Behind that brute 390 is the new-for-'66 C6 transmission-now a legend in the performance ranks. The C6 pushes power from the FE out to the trusty 9-inch rear axle that sports 3.25 gears. But the goodness doesn't stop there-power brakes, power steering, and the big, old, dependable, Ford air conditioner help to complete the amenities package. Though one would think that with 325-plus ponies on tap, Ford would have seen fit to apply power disc brakes. however, in the '66 the stopping is handled with a booster and drums.

Inside, the GTA is pretty much as Ford intended with black bucket seats and a console. though Mr. Moore did add his personal touch by carrying the Emberglo paint over to the dash panel, the tops of the doors, and the tops of the rear interior trim panels.

Outside, the car is set up with 14x6 styled steel wheels and period-correct white sidewall tires.

Bill and Judy show the car regularly, and Mr. Moore's widow checks in from time to time to see how the Fairlane is, well, faring.

What we think is cool is after taking the torch from Mr. Moore, it ignited a flame in Bill to do another Fairlane-this time a '66 GT. Looks like its gone from an Emberglo to a full on blaze.