Jeff Ford
June 1, 2004
Contributers: Jeff Ford

It's like a bulldozer-you feel it and hear it before you see it. wheezing and huffing like a big rogue bull, something of great power and force comes at you from around the corner-and like any red-blooded car guy or gal you just can't turn away. As it rounds the corner, the sound increases and bounces off the fencing and trees, and everyone at the show stops.

Folks just don't build stuff like that anymore, right? You think there has to be a law against it, right? it's just so over-the-top and wicked-sounding. But when you lay eyes on the artfully built ride, as we did at the Silver Springs show in January, you realize you are looking at something rare and wild and fun, but scary-a man car. In fact, we were standing next to one fellow who was in awe of this '68 fastback owned by Reggie Triggs of Alpharetta, Georgia, and quoted his words in our headline.

The noise of a BDS 871 blown big-block is like nothing else on the planet. The idle on this 429 big-inch monster rolls into valleys of near exhaustion, then catapults into function again as though it were throwing crank counterweights the size of a Fairlane around in the block. Its idle is like the breathing of an animal from the primeval jungle-deep, solid breaths of a predator in its element.

Its Weld-built rear wheels mount 32x17.5-15 tires big enough to keep a rail dragster in line and moving at the track. the 27.5x4.5-15 front-runners squeal in protest as Reggie rounds the corner in the beautiful Candyapple red stallion.

Inside the black deluxe interior, Reggie (with a big, infectious grin across his face) plays with the Tremec TKO II five-speed as the primal beast huffs through the crowd. Out back, the 4.56 gearing makes sure he stays slow and in control. When at rest, the engine shut down and ticking, people draw near and stare, amazed at the car.

"I call it Concours Drag," said Reggie. "It's got tons of stuff on it that would make it a great Concours car, but the engine, 'cage, and tubbing make that a little hard."

We're guessing Reggie shows in the modified class at Mustang Club of America shows and not in Concours street-driven. Gee, wonder why?