Shelby Cox
May 1, 2004
Contributers: Shelby Cox

Every once in a while we come across someone in the hobby blessed with a significant other who has the same sickness they do-cars. It might be Falcons, Mavericks, or Mustangs; you can bet the only fight about cars these couples have is who gets to drive what.

Drew Pollard didn't realize he was one of those lucky few. When he found this '68 fastback for sale at a friend's shop, he never dreamed his wife would let him have another classic car, since they already owned two they were working on. But being a fortunate man, Drew found his wife had already worked out the how, what, when, and where of the purchase before he even asked if he could buy it.

Originally a California Mustang, the car was built in the San Jose facility and sold in Los Angeles in April 1968. "It was originally Sunlight Gold with a two-tone hood and C-stripes," Drew told us. "The car is now Ferrari Red, which explodes in the sunlight, and I have no plans on changing it back in the near future." The second owner, who purchased the car in 1975, used it for drag racing. Drew continued, "I don't know if that meant the occasional stoplight-to-stoplight blast or regular passes at the local strip." but Drew did find some nice aftermarket goodies under the hood. When the third owner, who lived in Utah, purchased the Ford it was still located in Los Angeles. It had been wrecked and was in need of a restoration. that was done by Auto Collision Repair of Bountiful, Utah. The car was shown a few times before it found its way into Drew's garage. When he purchased the monster GT390, it also came with all the paperwork and receipts dating back to 1975, plus the original '68 license plate.

"The car currently has just under 94,000 original miles," Drew said. "looking through the paperwork, the only major engine work [I could find] was a valve job done back in 1975. Even the transmission has no signs of a rebuild."

The Ferrari Red paint is set off with factory-type black C-stripes, and the Shelby 10-spoke wheels are wrapped with BFGoodrich P235/60R-15 TA radials. The interior has the original (and rare) black factory bench seat with headrests. The Mustang also came from the factory sporting a SelectAire air conditioner, power steering, and power disc brakes. It is topped off with all the additions the GT equipment package offered. The C6 automatic transmission transfers the go power of the enormous 390 4V to a 3.00:1 9-inch open rear gear. With the deep burble of a big-block, and with its turbo dual-exhaust system finished off with GT package bright extensions for looks, this car makes your head turn two blocks before it even gets into view.

Drew is currently doing a rebuild on the engine and is trying to restore the beast to its original glory.

And you can be sure he will never forget how great it is to have a wife who likes cars, too. "I am one of the fortunate men who have a wife that is more of a speed/power freak than I am." You said it, Drew.