Kristian Grimsland
Associate Editor, Muscle Mustangs & Fast Fords
March 1, 2013
Photos By: Cesar Andre

Satisfied at first, this setup would only remain on the car for about a year. Next, he upgraded the Novi 1220 to mimic Vortech's Si supercharger specs. This put him at 546 rwhp. Pushing the limits of the stock short-block, he knew it was time to finally build an engine capable of handling more than 600 horsepower.

Jeremy contacted JMS Racing Engines, in El Monte, California, and had them assemble a Dart Iron Eagle 331 short-block equipped with Scat forged internals. Once at home, he installed the rest of the engine components including a pair of Trick Flow Specialties Twisted Wedge 205cc heads CNC ported by Total Engine Airflow, and a Comp Cams roller cam. Once finished, it was time for tuning.

"I originally had the car tuned by a local shop here in Glendale," Jeremy explained. "Unfortunately, while on the dyno the tuner ended up blowing four pistons in my brand-new short-block. I wasn't happy to say the least!"

With that stroke of bad luck, Jeremy sent his "used to be new" short-block back to JMS for machine work. This time he had them bore it out to 347 cubic inches. Once back and assembled, Jeremy wanted someone 100-percent trustworthy. He contacted Bob Kurgan from Kurgan Racing for his tuning needs. A few phone calls later, Kurgan emailed him a tune that was spot-on for his new engine and blower. With the Si-trim and E85 fuel, Jeremy's Fox laid down 700 rwhp.

Still, Jeremy wanted more. To complete his trios of blowers, he installed a Vortech YSi supercharger, along with a new cam, specked by Kurgan. This time, Kurgan flew out to Glendale to provide a complete custom tune for Jeremy's behemoth, and on 24 psi, Jeremy's snarling Fox cranked out 806 rwhp and 689 lb-ft of torque.

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Making that much power, air and fuel is crucial, and it's handled thanks to 120-lb/hr injectors and a Glenns Fuel System 1000 HP Sleeper kit. Feeding the air is a ported Edelbrock RPM 1 intake and Accufab 75mm throttle body. Sparking the mixture is an MSD ignition system. Exhaust gases flow out through Mac shorty headers, following into a 3-inch X-style mid-pipe and into Flowmaster mufflers.

Jeremy gave Team Z Motorsports a call and the company sent him a complete tubular front suspension setup along with a coilover kit with 12-170 springs. Controlling the rear are FRPP heavy-duty upper control arms and Maximum Motorsports lowers, Steeda subframe connectors, and Strange 10-way adjustable shocks.

According to Jeremy, he still has future plans for his ride. A 9-second pass down the 1,320 is hopefully in the works, and next he plans on replacing his stock transmission with either a built 4R70W automatic or T-56 six-speed transmission and upgrading the rearend. Surely, that should bring him close to his goal.

"I am extremely satisfied with the outcome of the car so far. It's come a long way since I picked it up in San Diego," Jeremy said. "The task of building a true heavy-hitter, high-horsepower street car isn't an easy one to complete, but the pay off is worth the effort in more ways than one!"