Elisa Coon
July 23, 2012
Photos By: Cesar Andre

SoCal is a Mecca for some of the most unique vehicles ever created, but none are quite like this Terminator you're about to meet. Okay, you've drooled over the photos of this black beauty long enough--now read on about the story behind this incredible '04 Mustang Cobra.

Eric Burgos, affectionately known to his friends as "EBCobra," is popular in his area of SoCal for being the Jack of all trades. Union pipe fitter by day, professional fender roller, fastidious automotive detailer, and car restorer by night--this guy has a serious passion for alluring automobiles.

As a kid, Eric would help his dad restore old vehicles. He loved taking neglected, unappealing cars and making them look new again. That's where he found his passion for pretty much anything with wheels. Although Eric and his dad worked on many makes, their specialty was breathing new life into Volks-wagens. His love for old cars and talent for restoring them even landed him in multiple magazines, and let's not forget to mention a wall full of awards from numerous car shows.

Despite his adoration for old fixer-uppers, he still loves the reliability of the modern muscle car. As an adult, he just so happened to live and work next to a Ford dealership, only magnifying his craving for a Pony of his own. It was during one of his routine trips home from work that he spotted a black '01 Mustang GT beauty in the parking lot of the neighborhood Blue Oval dealership, and he couldn't shake it from his mind.

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After lusting over the shiny new gem for long enough, and probably telling his wife on a daily basis how badly he wanted it, she finally gave him the green light to check it out. Generally, when the wife gives her blessing to go "look," it's a pretty sure thing. And just like that, with his wife's blessing, Eric came home with his dream ride.

His new toy plugged him directly into the Mustang social scene and he made lots of new friends with the same common love for the all-American muscle car. Eric immediately began cruising with the local car clubs. A periodic jaunt through the streets and lots of car shows was the most action his '01 Pony ever really saw.

There was still much fun to be had, but Eric knew he wanted more than his Two-Valve GT had to offer in stock form. Let's face it--by today's standards, 260 hp is just plain weak. This Mustang would prove to be just a stepping stone to his ultimate Steed--the '04 SVT Cobra that he would soon call his own.

The male species is wired to be competitive, especially when it comes to the hobby of fast cars. When Eric laid his eyes on the first Terminator, he knew it had to be his next big thing. Long story short, out went the Two-Valve GT, and in came a new '04 Four-Valve SVT Cobra--at the time, one of the fastest production Mustang's ever. He was stoked about having 390 hp in his new ride, but it didn't take long for him to catch the modification bug after seeing what others were doing on various Mustang sites, and how easy it was to make big power numbers with the very stout Terminator platform.

Wanting more and armed with just enough knowledge to be dangerous, Eric started modifying his new snake. The goal was simple--keep it mild enough to enjoy on the street, yet be able to handle a road course with ease. He was drawn to road course racing because of the seat time versus drag racing. It was the longer-lasting and more rewarding adrenaline rush that motivated him to build this bad boy with the perfect combination of a corner-carving suspension and horsepower to propel him in and out of each turn.

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