Marc Christ Associate Editor
May 29, 2012
Photos By: Bill Erdman

Kyle Keller of Vernon, New Jersey, grew up in a family of car enthusiasts.

Every summer the family would spend a week at the Shelby American Automobile Club (SAAC) national convention. Held at a different race track every year, this event attracts enthusiasts from all over the country and abroad. Over the years, Kyle had the opportunity to ride in some cool Mustangs, including a vintage Shelby GT350R. But he always wanted one of his own.

He always viewed Saleen Mustangs as the "Holy Grail," and by 2007, Kyle bought his first Saleen, the '04 S281 SC seen on these pages. "The car had 11,000 miles on it when I bought it," says Kyle. The supercharged Two-Valve was the same as when sold new, and it remains the same way today. Rated by Saleen at 465 horsepower, the S281 SC was the baddest Mustang you could buy off a showroom floor at the time. It even had the Terminator beat by 75 horsepower.

But it doesn't just sit in the garage. "I drive it and keep it clean, and I have done track time on road courses with it," says Kyle. He takes it to shows, along with all of the factory documentation to solidify the car's authenticity.

Then, when his mom decided to sell her '89 Saleen SSC, he couldn't pass it up. It has 35,000 miles on the clock, and like his other Saleen, is as stock as a rock. The SSC was the first to which Saleen made engine modifications. The 5.0L features GT-40 cylinder heads, a 65mm throttle body, Saleen stainless steel headers, an H-style mid-pipe, and a Dynomax after-cat system.

The Racecraft springs give the Fox more aggressive handling and its lower stance, and the Racecraft sway bars help reduce bodyroll. Kyle has had this Saleen on track too, and it also sees street time.

"These cars have certainly been a big part of my life," Kyle tells us. "Both of my cars are driven regularly, whether to shows, to work, or just for a casual drive, and they have been raced at speed.

"I think my Saleens are two of the best examples of the style, design, and performance that these cars are known for," says Kyle. And we agree.

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