Pete Epple Technical Editor
April 17, 2012

Early testing has been promising for Robert, Jimmy, and this Cobra Jet. Jimmy competed in the 2011 U.S. Nationals in Indianapolis, and took the runner-up spot in D/SA Class competition. Not long after, the duo set the NHRA D/SA e.t. and mph record of 10.64 at 125 mph at the NHRA divisional race in Columbus, Ohio. Robert tells us the car has gone quicker, but that was the best they could lay down at that event.

In 2012, Robert will compete in NHRA Division 2 competition in the Southeast. "I would like to win the divisional championship," Roberts explains. "Unfortunately, I don't think it's going to happen without a lot of seat time. We are going to run some national events in addition to the divisional races, and I'd really like to win a national event!" Given his experience and abilities, we're sure Robert Hindman will find himself at home in his Cobra Jet very quickly, and he'll have to build a new shelf for the Wally's that are in his future.

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