Elisa Brooks
August 12, 2011
Photos By: Justin Cesler

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Ambitious, and just starting to get his feet wet in this project, Anthony felt that the standard 300hp Three-Valve was the right choice for the NHRA Stock class, but it turned out to be less than competitive due to a poor horsepower-to-weight factor. Ultimately, it ran 11.60 and that just wouldn’t do, so it was back to the drawing board for this mare.

In the meantime, he was yearning to move on to his second project car, which was going to be his toy. He ordered a 5.4-liter Four-Valve CJ crate engine from FRPP for his Super Stocker, and just as before, sent the engine off to Bob Oster and Dave Jack at B&B Performance Machine. This build included massaged heads, wild cams, and a few other internal tricks within the Super Stock rules.

Atop this fierce 330ci engine is a 2.3-liter TVS supercharger, which is legal so that he could run competitively in the NHRA SS/CA class. Backing this beast is a C-4 by Pro Trans and a Ford 9-inch rear. And boy did this Cobra Jet run. To date, Anthony has been 8.80s at over 150 mph with a 1.20 60-foot, carrying the wheels far enough to make most of us faint.

Just as he was diving into his Super Stock project, Anthony added yet another Pony to the Bongiovanni stable. (This is number three for those who are counting.) He purchased a ’10 body-in-white from FRPP, and decided it was a better car for Genna to run with the new CJ naturally aspirated Three-Valve. This combo is factored much more favorably by NHRA than the old GT Three-Valve (235 versus 300), yet it utilizes the FRPP intake, factory CNC-ported heads, and larger cams. It will ultimately run low-11s and high-10s, and be very competitive in the NHRA J/SA class.

Once again, a C-4 transmission went in, only this time prepared by Performance Automatic. He also added an authentic ’10 Super Cobra Jet with the aluminum-block and five-speed combo (of which we believe there were only 13 built).

We realize all of these cars and combinations can get rather confusing, but if you’ve been paying attention, simple math will show his first ’08 Cobra Jet was left without a heart and soul. Bringing it to life is a 5.4-liter CJ engine that was purpose-built for the NHRA AA/SA Stock class. This baby was boosted with the aforementioned TVS supercharger, and needless to say, it’s very competitive. Our very own Evan Smith drove this CJ during the recent Atco, New Jersey, NMRA event in the Mod Muscle class, and ran it’s best time to date—a blazing 9.43 at 143 mph with the nose to the sky and a 1.26 60-foot time. We expect nothing less from our fearless Revvin’ Evan.

Many racers face the dilemma of having to properly tune their cars, and usually they end up dependant on someone else to tweak their ride after every modification. Being a hands-on guy and wanting to avoid this dreaded tuner dependency, Anthony taught himself the FAST system and handled the calibration of all of his Mustangs. He has had success through trial and error. Being a software guru probably helped straighten his learning curve a little.

As the owner of a software company, Anthony was able to mix business and pleasure. So making his company, Micro Strategies, the main sponsor, enabled him to promote and grow his brand. With that, it came time to incorporate a unique paint theme for the Cobra Jets, and Anthony let Genna add her touch to inspire a really uncommon look that would reflect her personality. The classy scheme is very smart and racy.

B&B Race Cars not only built the superb chassis and suspension to each car, but it applied the knockout paintwork, too. The result is an eye-catching pearl white, edible-looking candy purple, and jade combination. His youngest daughter, Michelle, wanted the ’10 car to be slightly different, so she chose a deep candy-apple red instead of the purple. When you see this trio of Stallions, you know exactly who owns them.