Jeff Huneycutt
March 7, 2011

Finally, Dan and the Cobra were hit with a stroke of luck. "When I still owned True Blue, we had a customer who owned a '97 Saleen and wanted a high-performance engine for it. He said, 'I want the max, give me it all.' So we built him a 700hp supercharged motor. It was a 4.6 stroker, bored 0.020-inch over with Stage 3 Crower cams and ported Four-Valve heads. The supercharger was an intercooled T-trim, and it ran great.

"After we put it all together, he didn't like it because when he sat at a light, the engine thumped. He came back to me later and told me that he loved the power, but wanted a smooth idle. He only had 800 miles on the car since the new engine went in, and wanted to change the cams and put a turbo on it. I told him it wouldn't work since everything on that motor was built specifically for the blower. So I built him a new turbo motor and traded it for the supercharged motor he had in his car. He was a lot happier with the turbo motor, and I dropped his motor in my Cobra."

Other noteworthy engine components include a Kellogg crankshaft, Oliver billet rods, CP pistons (with a 0.018 dish), an Accufab 75mm polished throttle body, an Accusump pre-oiler, a Canton road-racing oil pan, water methanol injection, and a Meziere electric water pump. A nitrous spray bar on the intercooler drastically reduces the incoming air temps, which Dan says is good for approximately 70 hp.

To help get the power to the ground, Dan put together a suspension sourced almost completely from Maximum Motorsports. Upgraded components include a tubular K-member, new control arms, swaybar endlinks, an IRS rear brace, reconfigured upper shock mounts in the rear, a chrome strut-tower brace, new caster/camber plates, and subframe connectors to stiffen everything. The swaybars on both the front and rear are from Eibach, and Bilstein shocks with Hypercoil coilover springs are installed at all four corners.

The interior is a unique mix of luxury and speed equipment. Dan began by stripping the inside and installing sound deadener throughout. You can still hear-and feel-the rumble of the 700 supercharged horses, but they aren't deafening. Custom Recaro seats feature six-way power, and fans blowing heated or cooled air depending on your wishes. Wagner found a batch of the original leather and had the seats covered so that they are a perfect match for the rest of the interior. Holding you to the Recaros are a set of five-point Corbeau safety harnesses, and you may not even notice the Autopower rollcage because the custom powdercoat helps it blend seamlessly with the upholstery.

Finally, after a decade, Dan Wagner has the new car he's always wanted. He also points out that it still feels new because, after sitting for so long, it only has 17,000 total miles. He may have never intended to have the only '99 Steeda Cobra, but now that he does, he's enjoying it. In the one show he's entered, a Super Stang Fest event at Virginia International Raceway, it took Best of Show.