Pete Epple Technical Editor
February 4, 2011

I've never been completely blown away by a car before-on track or off, but behind the wheel of this Mustang, I was feeling the automotive bliss that takes me to another dimension. A near-perfect blend of handling and braking, combined with the right amount of power, instilled me with confidence as a driver, and as I pushed closer to the edge of my skils, I realized I was nowhere near the limit of the machine. That's how a racecar should be described, right? Well, this is a streetcar!

For 25 years, Kenny Brown has been building and racing Mustangs, and it all began with the Fox-body. After sweeping the '87 Escort Endurance Series with Steve Saleen and his Mustangs, Brown was ready for a break, but the Mustang world wanted more. When enthusiasts and racers began showing up looking for Brown to work his magic, Kenny Brown's Advanced Geometry Suspension (AGS) systems was what they got.

The success of the AGS systems continued as the Mustang transformed from the Fox-body to the SN-95 to the New Edge, and though there were no significant changes to the factory suspension between '79 and '04 (less the IRS), Brown's capacity to increase the Mustang's handling abilities only improved.

When the S197 chassis was released, the Mustang's all-new suspension gave Brown a chance revamp his AGS system and offer owners a new level of balance and control. When he needed a way to showcase his newest and most advanced suspension system, the CSR-69 was born.

Built for the '05 SEMA show, the CSR-69 (Club Sport Racer) is truly a unique ride. The first thing that grabs your attention is '60s-era fastback look. This one-off body kit changes the entire appearance and attitude of the car, but it's extremely functional. The widened front and rear fenders allow for larger wheel and tire combinations, and increased traction on the street and on-track.

Though this over-the-top body kit may steal the show at first glance, it's what you don't see that's most impressive. The entire suspension has been replaced with Brown's AGS-4.0 suspension system. To outline every part could take a full issue by itself, so here are the highlights. The chassis has been stiffened with KB's strut tower brace, lower chassis load brace, jacking rails, and Super Street cage. The AGS-4.0 suspension includes a tubular K-member with revised geometry, front control arms, adjustable coil-over struts, adjustable spring perches, and high-rate spring. Impressed? That's just the front!

The rear has been treated to adjustable Pro-Comp lower control arms, K-link adjustable upper control arm, adjustable spring perches, Pro Comp adjustable Panhard bar, high-rate springs, and sport shocks. The car sits on lightweight three-piece ZX3R wheels from Forgeline wrapped in Pirelli PZero Corsa R-compound rubber in all four corners. The wide-body kit allows for 295/30R18s up front and 315/30R18s out back. Check out the website at for more info on the specific suspension components.

Although a list of parts like this can be overwhelming, it isn't hard to wrap your head around how well this car performs. Now before you get the idea that this is some special Mustang that cannot be reproduced, these are all off-the-shelf parts aside from the body kit. Brown can also custom tailor and build a CSR/GT-4 package to your specifications, or you can buy the parts and do it yourself.

"It's not about the parts," Brown exclaimed. "It's about the experience! We take the drama out of driving a Mustang." We wanted a chance to experience the CSR-69 for ourselves so we made the trip to Virginia International Raceway in May of 2009 to get behind the wheel (Years of Experience, Nov. '09).

Getting behind the wheel of someone else's car can be stressful. Add the fact that said car has a one-of-one body kit, and it's very easy to let your nerves get the best of you. Fortunately, Brown's CSR-69 is the most amazing car I've driven.