Marc Christ Associate Editor
March 15, 2010
Photos By: Michael Galimi, Steve Baur

An Aeromotive fuel pump supplies 93 octane pump gas to 160-lb/hr injectors, which are controlled by a FAST module. An MSD Digital 4 box triggers ignition, and NGK plugs ignite the mix. Panhandle Performance in Panama City, Florida, performed the tune, which yielded 850 rwhp and 650 lb-ft of torque on its chassis dyno at only 20 psi of boost. "There's more power there, but the tires broke loose on the dyno, so we're not sure how much," Jason said.

At Bradenton, his best run of 9.44 would've been enough to edge out Blair Brannock for the runner-up position, but a torque converter failure caused Jason to only pull off a mid-10-second third run, giving him only the sixth fastest average. Since he replaced the torque converter, however, Jason has wheeled his sneaky coupe to a best of 8.80 at 160 mph with a 1.54 60-foot.

"Everyone competing in True Street at Bradenton better watch out this year," Jason said in a recent phone conversation. He expects to take the win this year at Bradenton, which by the sounds of it, could very well happen. Though it's somewhat short notice, you can't say that we didn't warn you.