Pete Epple Technical Editor
February 17, 2010
Photos By: Kevin DiOssi

Breathing extra life into this internal combustion monster is Kenne Bell's 2.8H Mammoth Twin Screw supercharger. The 2.8H inhales through a twin-75mm Mammoth throttle body, and 24 psi is the result. Fuel is fed by BBR's 1,000hp fuel system, which consists of a trio of Ford GT fuel pumps housed in a billet fuel hat from Fore Precision Works, -8 fuel lines, BBR/Fore billet fuel rails, and 80-lb/hr injectors. On a plentiful diet of VP C16 race fuel and water/methanol injection, the 301-cube combo laid down an LSX-slaying 836 rwhp. That equates to roughly 950 hp at the crank!

Getting a disgusting amount of power to the ground is a challenge, however. Especially, when you add the fact that Tim's S197 is a convertible. While the BBR crew was designing the powerplant, steps were taken to fortify the rest of the driveline to handle this Pony's newfound legs. The Three-Valve now spins an aluminum flywheel and Spec twin-disc clutch, which transfers power to a Tremec TR-6060 six-speed. A Shelby shifter assists Tim with the gear selection, and the gearbox moves power to an aluminum driveshaft, which turns the 4.11:1 ring and pinion inside the Moser M9 fabricated 9-inch rearend housing. A Detroit Locker differential transfers power to the Shelby Razor wheels via a set of 35-spline Moser axles.

Massive BBR/BMR subframe connectors keep the car from twisting under hard acceleration, while double-adjustable lower control arms and a double-adjustable upper link keep the rearend located under the car. Ford Racing Performance Parts lowering springs sit in all four corners with Koni adjustable shocks and struts cushioning the ride. Braking power is provided by Baer brakes, which hide behind the Razor wheels and handle the deceleration duties without fail.

With power most of us dream of, Tim is certainly a happy dude. "I can't say enough about the guys at Blow-By Racing and the amazing car they built for me. It's an incredible ride. It gets over 20 mpg and makes over 800 hp. What could be better? The truly amazing part is that the car is extremely tame-it drives and idles like it did when it was brand-new.

There is just something about a Mustang-it really makes me feel like a teenager again."

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