Pete Epple Technical Editor
October 1, 2009
Photos By: Bill Erdman
A polished Bullitt intake manifold sits on top of the fully built 302-inch mod mill. Ported heads and custom cams sit atop the forged bottom end inside the aluminum block.

After a brief introduction to road racing, Tom knew he enjoyed the twisties. So when the task up of upgrading the rearend was upon him, he decided upon an independent rear suspension. When he located a replacement unit from a Cobra, it was stripped and fitted with new 3.55 gears and a Billetflow IRS brace before being installed.

Eibach Pro springs sit in all four corners with KYB struts up front and Bilstein shocks out back. Tom's SN-95 sits on black FR500 wheels wrapped in BFGoodrich rubber which add a slick look. "The car drives and handles amazingly," Tom pronounces. "When the boost kicks in, you have a hard time doing anything but holding on!"

Although Tom's '98 GT is already a stout street car, future plans include a rollbar and maybe some added boost from a bigger Vortech. With upgrades like these, Tom Blamey may have his winning recipe.