Pete Epple Technical Editor
October 1, 2009
Photos By: John Moore
Three hundred and ninety two inches of turbo-fed Ford iron sits under the hood and ensures pavement-melting power is available at a moment's notice.

With the heads bolted on, this 392-inch mill produced a boost-friendly 8.6:1 compression ratio. A Vortech T-trim supercharger force-fed air into the bullet through an Edelbrock Victor EFI intake manifold and a 90mm throttle body. The AOD was swapped for an AOD-E, and a Bauman Box was installed to control the shifts. Once the build was finished and the tune was set, Lidio's Tropical Yellow coupe spun the rollers to a massive 650 rwhp. Three years later, Lidio decided to make a few new changes to his Fox. The addition of 18-inch TSW wheels and smoked headlights added some excitement, and 13-inch Cobra brakes now enable quicker stops.

In late 2006, Lidio was looking for a new twist, so he traded the Vortech for a turbo. The stroker mill and AOD-E were left alone, but a single 80mm turbo from Precision Turbo was installed, and Diamond Fabrication was enlisted to mount and plumb the turbo and intercooler.

Once Lidio decided a turbo was the way to go, Diamond Fabrication was enlisted to build and mount the turbo system.

After the Stang was completed in the fall of 2008, Lidio strapped it to the rollers once again, and with the turbo pumping out 18 pounds of boost, the end result was an astounding 843 rwhp. Being that Lidio is no dyno hero, a track test was needed to prove the LX's worth. And as expected, the big power translated into low 9-second quarter-mile times-even on the 18-inch wheels and tires. With addition of slicks and skinnies, 8.60s shouldn't be out of the question.

Even with this much horsepower on tap, and single-digit e.t.'s so easily available, this coupe is no race car-few, if any, of Lidio's rides ever have been. A lot of the early EFI Mustang performance shops ended up turning their street cars into full-tilt drag cars to prove that they could be the best. Lidio Iacobelli and Alternative Auto Performance avoided the storm that is quarter-mile competition. Instead they spent the last 21 years turning this Tropical Yellow coupe-and many other late-model Stangs-into some of the fastest, cleanest Mustangs around.