September 21, 2009

The 2008 Cobra Jet has lit up the drag racing world, appearing on magazine covers and at drag strips across the country. Already all 2010 Cobra Jet's are spoken for, but the demand for a racer-friendly Competition Kit has been high.

Ford Racing is committed to helping racers get late-model Mustangs out on the track. By pre-ordering and minimizing our inventory costs we are able to offer the best pricing possible on Mustang Competition Kits.

These industry-first kits greatly reduce the complexity and build time typically associated with a body- in-white build. For little more than the competition is offering the body shell alone, the Mustang Competition Kits include interior, exterior (including glass), and seats. Cobra Jet power-train components are also available through the Ford Racing catalog. For full details on what is included in the Mustang Competition Kits please visit

Part Number Description MSRP

  • M-607100-M 2010 Mustang Body-in-White $4,995.00
  • M-2010-SEATMGTA 2010 Mustang Seat Kit $1,295.95
  • M-2010-EXTMGTA 2010 Mustang Exterior Kit $1,075.95
  • M-2010-INTMGTA 2010 Mustang Interior Kit $1,725.95
  • M-2010-CAGEMGTA 2010 Mustang 8.50, 10-pt Cromoly Rollcage Kit $1765.00

Important! All Mustang Competition Kits are pick-up only, F.O.B. Michigan. End-users are responsible for their own pick-up or shipping arrangements. Orders for Competition Seat, Interior, and Exterior Kits will only be filled with the purchase of the Body-in White kit, M- 607100-M. Competition license required for purchase.

How to Order:
For orders please contact your Ford Racing Distributor. For specific product inquiries, please contact Jesse Kershaw, Drag Racing Coordinator, via E-mail at

Orders must be placed with the Ford Racing Warehouse, by an authorized Ford Racing Distributor, no later than November 15th, 2009, in order to ensure allocation.

Kits will be available for pick-up 1st Quarter 2010.