Pete Epple Technical Editor
August 1, 2009

The task of transferring this kind of power to the ground is something that needs to be taken very seriously. The engine spins the 4,000-stall Neal Chance converter that transfers power to the TH400 gearbox, and a reverse manual valvebody helps Blair manually change gears on the street and at the track. The trans is connected to the 8.8-inch rearend housing with an aluminum driveshaft, which turns the 3.55 gears hidden inside. Moser axles rotate the Billet Specialties wheels and Mickey Thompson rubber that are keeping the super-clean couple glued to the pavement.

Controlling large amounts of power isn't an easy task, and the right suspension setup is key. For this, Blair called on Wolfe Racecraft for a set of its rear upper and lower control arms. Stock rear springs with Strange shocks keep the rear end securely to the ground, while UPR springs with Strange struts handle weight transfer and cushion the ride up front.

The water/ice tank sits in the trunk to supply cold water to the custom intercooler fabricated by Blair at Rockstar Performance. The water pump hides neatly in the spare-tire compartment under the tank.

Once the build was finished, it was time to set the tune. Job Spetter quickly went to work tuning the Gen 7 Accel DFI. With the boost levels set and the air/fuel mixture just right, Blair's coupe laid down a monstrous 900 rwhp with 850 lb-ft of torque at 18 pounds of boost.

When it came time to line up at the dragstrip, Blair entered Muscle Mustangs and Fast Ford's own True Street class at the NMRA season-opener at Bradenton Motorsports Park. Although an 8.83-second e.t. is extremely impressive for a street car, it wasn't enough to take the win. With a best 60-foot time of 1.38, Blair knows there is still some performance left to be found. Once everything is sorted out, he hopes to have a streetable car capable of being driven to the track and running high 7-second passes consistently.

Although the challenges of making big power have changed since this LX was new, Blair has endured many of the same difficulties. The struggle to make power is the same as it's always been, but Blair has definitely helped raise the bar.