Pete Epple Technical Editor
July 1, 2009
Photos By: Steve Baur

Now that the Lightning was ready to lay down some serious power, Eric's attention quickly shifted to the rest of the drivetrain. A Pro Mod Powergide was called into action to handle the gear changes during each quarter-mile blast. A 4,000-stall Neal Chance Pro-mod converter transfers power to the gearbox, which spins the custom 4-inch chrome-moly driveshaft. The stock rearend housing was swapped for a Fab-9 replacement, which is more than capable of handling the added power. The new aluminum center section was filled with a Moser spool and 40-spline, gun-drilled Moser axles. Power is transferred to a set of 15x12-inch Bogart wheels wrapped in Mickey Thompson rubber to help keep this Lightning glued to the track.

The majority of the stock interior panels were kept to give the Lightning a stock appearance.

Weight transfer is controlled with a set of QA1 adjustable struts and custom QA1 springs, with a set of tubular control arms from AJE Racing holding it all together. The new rear-end housing is held firmly in place by a custom Pro-Mod-style four-link and wishbone suspension, with Strange double-adjustable shocks and Hyper Coil springs keeping the tires planted under hard acceleration.

After all was said and done, Eric and his Lightning tore up the track with a stout 8.58 at over 161 mph. That's impressive considering his truck still weighs in at 3,850 pounds. By the time this story hits newsstands, Eric will have shaved a few more pounds off this slick SVT. With the addition of larger turbos and a little weight reduction, 7-second passes may be within reach.