Pete Epple Technical Editor
July 1, 2009
Under the hood sits 347ci of Ford power waiting to add a little excitement to James' life when he hits the loud pedal.

After the fresh running gear was bolted in place, tuning became the priority. Again, James turned to Kennedy's Dynotune to optimize performance. When all was said and done, this nasty Fox spun the rollers to an Earth-shattering 660 rwhp.

The mildly upgraded suspension was no match for the newfound power, and a complete suspension overhaul was next on the list. James started off strengthening the chassis with a rollcage from Wolfe Racecraft. Tokiko shocks and Steeda springs help this GT keep traction, and weight transfer comes from a set of Tokiko struts and Granatelli front springs.

The current combination has produced a best quarter-mile e.t. of 9.70 seconds at 140 mph. "I do a little each year to make it faster," James explains. "This year I hope to be well into the low 9s."