Pete Epple Technical Editor
May 1, 2009
The custom center console adds bold flavor to the otherwise simple interior. It was hand fabricated by Bill Kirk while Tom Meers handled the custom airbrush work.

To complete the transformation from budget track brawler to quarter-mile showstopper, the interior was next on Jim's list. Blacked-out panels now fill the driver compartment along with black carpet and Corbeau seats. Five-point race belts hold Jim securely in place in the event of any mishaps on the track. To tie the exterior to the interior, Jim turned to Bill Kirk who built the custom center console. When he was finished, Tom Meers spent hours with an airbrush making Jim's center console more unique than it already was.

Jim's finished product has yielded amazing looks and a best quarter-mile time of 10.88 seconds at 122 mph. The quest for more power has also driven him to start building a new powerplant for this once humble coupe. By the time this issue hits newsstands, Jim's 306ci engine will have given way to a more potent 347-inch mill. This latest effort for more power should produce quarter-mile times well into the 9-second range.