Jeff Bauer
February 1, 2009
Photos By: Frank H. Cicerale

Matt also stepped up with 60-pound injectors, a three-core race intercooler, a 20-pound, 2.63-inch eight-rib pulley setup, twin Ford GT fuel pumps, an '03/'04 Cobra fuel tank, upgraded fuel pump driver modules, and braided lines. The T56 six-speed was upgraded with a 26-spline input shaft and billet synchros, and the driveline enhanced with an '04 Cobra driveshaft.

To dress things up, Matt installed a set of Ford GT blue valve covers, chrome coil pack covers, custom painted intercooler pipes, and a painted AFM Power Pipe. The Stang also received an '03/'04 front bumper cover sprayed to match the stock Zinc Yellow.

Back at Pro-Dyno, with a PMAS 90mm meter calibrated for the 60 pound injectors, the stroker put out 680 rwhp and 605 lb-ft of torque with 93-octane at 22 pounds of boost with an SCT tune. "I could not be happier," Matt says. "Everyone who worked on the car exhibited a profound passion to get this car perfect, and I thank them for it."

But like many good stories, this one's got an amazing twist. "As I drove the Cobra, I grew sad that I'd spent so much money on a car for myself," Matt says. "It was therapeutic to focus my attention on the car. But when it was complete, I was healed from mourning, and realized what I had done."

Matt sold the car to a friend, Marc Tucker, and used the money to buy his family a home. The house is his mom's true legacy. "I love my home, I now love the car, miss my mom, and am finally ready to move on," Matt says. "Did I mention that I also bought an '02 Mustang GT convertible? I'm thinking a twin turbo 5.0L stroker ought to do the trick."