Michael Galimi
January 1, 2009
Experience and consistency are key ingredients to John's winning ways. Best 60-foot time thus far has been an insane 1.19-on 28x10.5-inch slicks.

The new engine and chassis were completed in near record time, and John and Brandon Reed spent many sleepless nights mating the new bullet with its new home. In just three months, a turnkey race car was built and ready for NMRA action. Its debut was something legends are made of-John made a trip to the winner's circle against some of the best in the business! It was a bold move to roll out a brand new Mustang, but one that proved to be successful.

Having won the first race surprised some of his colleagues, but it shouldn't be based on his track record. John wasn't the quickest and fastest at Bradenton and he is all too familiar with that position. "I won my first championship by not being the fastest but the most consistent racer," he touts. He qualified with a 7.58 at 189 mph with a soft tune up as he dialed in the chassis. On race day, he simply ran the same each round and collected the winner's trophy and the cash.

The new car did need some fine-tuning, and after nearly a season of testing and racing, John found his stride. The red coupe delivered the Nitto team to victory at World Street Challenge in Pro Street Outlaw. John also rode the ProCharger-blown ride to a career best run of 7.40 at 193 mph. That was accomplished with a 1.19 60-foot clocking, on 28x10.5-inch slicks. The tires check in at that measurement-these aren't the fake 10.5 tires with 'W' markings. John has also collected two more class victories for a total of three SSO wins this season in NMRA action.

After seven seasons of racing on his previous race car, John plans to do a lot more NMRA and True 10.5 racing-much to the dismay of his competitors.