Frank H. Cicerale
November 1, 2008
Photos By: Peter S. Linney

Next on the checklist was the suspension, which was upgraded but not overdone. Upon hearing the story behind the Mustang, Eibach, as did every company involved in the project, sent over its finest stuff-the complete Pro kit, which included Pro Damper front and rear shocks, springs, and stabilizer bars. The braking system was upgraded with Power Slot rotors and Hawk pads.

"We originally had another wheel company tabbed for the rims, but at the last minute, things fell through," Will says. "We got in contact with Chip Foose, and once we told him what we were doing and why, he was more than happy to not only come on board, but to design a wheel for us." Those wheels are the stunning Nitrous II rims, sized 20 inches all around. The shiny new rims were wrapped up in Nitto Invo hoops.

With the mechanical portion of the car complete, Will enlisted the aid of Auto Art Studio, where the crew was happy to step up to the plate. The final result is nothing short of a grand slam. The stock Bullitt green was removed, and the car was brought down to primer. PPG mailed over the paint, and before long, the SN-95 was graced with a two-tone paint scheme of True Blue up top and Ford Light Tan down below. Splitting the two colors is a gold leaf stripe. Putting a period on the exterior of the car are the OEM replacement gauges from Galpin Ford, billet upper and lower grilles from Stainless Steel Inserts, and other billet bling courtesy of UPR Products.

The last mountain to climb in this Bullitt's overhaul was the interior. The stock seats were tossed in favor of a pair of Legacy buckets, while the carpet and floor mats came courtesy of The Matworks. A host of UPR billet products enhance the interior as well. When it came to the sound system, the factory radio and speakers just wouldn't do. Sound Envision ripped it all out, replacing the head unit with a Sony XAV-W1 piece that sends the tunes into the cabin via Schosche speakers and amps.

"You might say that this Bullitt was overhauled with help from his fellow Bullitt owners and friends," Will says. With all of the work complete, what did our serviceman think? "As of this writing, he hasn't even seen the car yet."

When we called Will to get the 411 on the car, he told us, "I literally just dropped the car off at his mother's house. He just got back from overseas and will be going home Friday for his wedding, where the car will be waiting."

For this lucky soldier, a girl in a flatbed Ford might not be the best thing he has seen. Certainly it would be seeing his new bride and his overhauled car on the same day. And just think-it all started in Winslow, Arizona.