Frank H. Cicerale
October 1, 2008
Photos By: Shaun Strayer

"An average run goes like this," Mark says. "I pull the car into the burnout box, footbrake it through First and Second gears, and let the burnout roll out. I stage the car and get ready to leave at 4,800 rpm, with the boost at around 12 psi. The car leaves, and First gear is over almost instantly. I'm lucky if I see over the hood when the wheels touch back down. I grab Second gear at 8,000, and aim it for the top end. I pull the 'chutes and hope I have enough track to stop." To think all of this happens in 7.81 seconds at 182 mph-and that run was only on 26 psi of boost.

"Once we ran out of ideas, we decided it was time to replace our '00 Mustang with this car," Mark says. "The old car went a best of an 8.02 at 175, but we needed something newer. It took us a year in the making, but we finally rolled this car out midway through 2007, and as of late 2007, we finally got the chassis where we need it."

So what's in store for this muscle Mustang? "We plan to turn the powerplant back up to the 41 psi of boost that it was dynoed at, and look for runs in the low-7-second zone. Hopefully we can sneak into the 6s. It can be done, as we put the car on a diet last winter and threw on some other modifications that I feel will help the team reach its goal."

With the competition in the Outlaw and Extreme Street classes (FFW and PSCA, respectively) as tough as it is, the task may be large, but it's definitely attainable. Would you expect anything less from a car that has changed the definition of a pony car?