Frank H. Cicerale
October 1, 2008
Photos By: Peter S. Linney

Last on Jesse's to-do list was the power production. The 4.6L Two-Valve mod motor's bore/stroke was left alone, though Saleen did its own thing to the powerplant at its Irvine, California, facility. A forged-steel crank and attending connecting rods link up with the forged-aluminum pistons to shore up the bottom end for the flavor of boost yet to come. Saleen custom-spec cams made their way onto the aluminum Two-Valve heads, followed by the big mamma-jamma, the Saleen Series V 2.3L supercharger. The blower is filled with Lysholm internals, and sits atop the Saleen intake manifold and accompanying water-to-air intercooler. A 75mm Accufab throttle body flows the air into the supercharger, 42-pound injectors feed the fuel, and the fire is lit with an ECM stocked with the Saleen tune. The blown mod mill expends its flatulence through Saleen headers and a Bassani catted x pipe system that exits through the Saleen center exhaust. Team Breed custom valve covers and a JLT custom-painted cold-air intake add some sex appeal to the engine bay. Lying in wait behind the engine is the stock T-56 six-speed transmission that sends the power to the 3.73-stocked rear via a custom aluminum driveshaft.

"The first night out with the car, I realized I couldn't have it as a daily driver," Jesse says. "It was too precious, special, and it deserved more. All the times I needed a car, I sacrificed. I walked to the store and took the bus just so I could keep it out of harm's way."

Jesse now wants to change the stereo system and go with something larger. He also plans on having JDM Engineering install a 2.6-inch blower pulley and a tune to replace the stock 4-inch pulley. One thing that won't change, however, is how he feels about his Saleen Extreme. "I've spent all my time with the car, and have put every dime I have into it," he says. "Some may say I'm obsessed or insane, but they can never understand."

You're right, Jesse, and until those critics find love at first sight, they never will.

It was love at first sight here for us, too, as we couldn't get enough of Jesse's Saleen. Check out the hot video of his smoking ride at